Customer Satisfaction | Advantages of Techno-B Ireland

The Techno-B Advantage

There are many reasons why our customers choose to buy Techno-B products and solutions. We are proud to supply customers across the whole of the UK and here are some of the things you can expect as a Techno-B customer:

1. Italian Engineering. Italy is famous for engineering and design and that goes for refrigeration too. Techno-B product show a careful balance between industrial efficiency and design, resulting in competitive solutions, built to a high manufacturing quality with innovative design.

2. Efficient Design. The result of our Engineering and quality Manufacturing process is a set of extremely efficient products that are not only reliable but also benefit from low power consumption and are very low noise. With the use of new refrigerants, our products also benefit from reduced environmental impact.  

3. Choice of Materials. The benefits of Techno-B products can only be realised through the use of high quality and reliable materials. This results in the superior performance, reliability and the reduction in emissions and noise. 

4. Ease of Installation and Use: We want our customers to be able to install our products quickly and simply so that that can save time and benefit from the Techno-B advantages as soon as possible. Installers all over the world choose Techno-B for this very reason and because of the quality of the products. Once installed, our attention to detail on the intuitive user interface means that operation the refrigeration units is easy and gets you going immediately.

5. Incomparable Service: Here at Techno-B we look after our customers, from the first call to the after installation, we are here to help. Our first class technical support, design expertise, custom designs and customer service are what set us apart. 

6. A complete range, a solution for everyone: Every Techno-B customer is different and unique. That’s why we have a range of products that enables us to find a technical solution for every requirement.  Whether you are a small restaurant or the largest retailer, or anywhere in between, no matter what industry we have a Techno-B solution for you.